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“Send Email And Make Money”

Just Like How Amazon, Groupon, Air Asia,
DBS And Many Other Companies Did It…

We’re Giving You A Front Row Seat To Our Exclusive 2 Day Internet Event Where You Will Get To Discover The ‘Secret Loophole’ Of Generating Thousands Of Dollars Just By Sending Emails!

From the desk of Jaz Lai
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We've never met, but I know a couple of things about you.

No matter how much money you have now, you will always want to have more, and you know inside you that you have the abilities to do it…

And if someone told you about a new way to bring in a lot of money – and it was legal and easy to do – you’d want to know more about it.

How do I know these things about you?

This knowledge comes from years of experience with thousands of people around the world.

All kinds of people.

And every one of them had hidden skills and talents that they can use to generate unlimited cash online.

What is more, once they knew about the secret (that I will tell you about today), their lives and their fortunes changed for the better - quickly and forever!

I know this sounds like a tall claim...but as you continue reading, you'll begin to realize just how all of this is possible if you attend our…

“6 Figures In 6 Months
Internet Workshop”
6 Figures In 6 Months Internet Workshop
A 2-Day Internet Business Seminar, Live In Singapore

Venue Date


27th and 28th April 2013
Location Will Be Revealed When You Register.
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World renown internet expert Daegan Smith is known in the online marketing circle as the guru to the gurus.

You don’t have to take my word for it.

Just attend this 2 days training and you will understand why people are always paying him $1000/hour for his time.

In this 2 day seminar, you’ll get the chance to master an incredible money making skills from Daegan.

And in just a single weekend, you will be able to:

Blue Tick Completely understand how internet business function
Blue Tick Start up a profitable Internet business that will run by itself
Blue Tick How to make a fortune online, even if you don't have a product, website or email list of your own!
Blue Tick How to generate a SWARM of targeted visitors to your website instantly!
Blue Tick The fastest and easiest way to start making real money online NOW, with ZERO experience, ZERO start up costs and ZERO learning curves involved.
Blue Tick How to bring in tons of targeted traffic that's "ready to buy"!
Blue Tick The insider secret to building an unstoppable CASH machine quickly and easily - even if you've NEVER done it before - this system is so incredibly easy, you have to see it to believe it.
Blue Tick Develop your master marketing plan for your business using our “fail-proof” methods
Blue Tick My $97 investment that generated almost $10k of profits in one week (I practically did nothing to rake in that cash. and you can copy my 'different approach almost verbatim!)
Blue Tick How to create a lucrative Internet income business in less than 24 hours!

The above are just the tip of the iceberg.

What’s most important is that this exclusive internet training’s main objective is to equip you with the necessary skills to create your own 6 figures internet empire.

Three of the main skills that you will walk away with include:

1 How To Grow Your Internet Business To 6 Figures In 6 Months Or Less

We have already broken this down to a science. As long as you can follow simple instructions and steps, you should be able to create your own 6 figure internet empire faster than you can imagine.

2 The One Product That Every Internet Business Owner Needs And How To Automate & Scale Your Business To The Next Level

We have sold so many different types of products online. Some are difficult to sell, some are damn easy to move but there is always 1 product that every internet business own needs and you will be able to supple them that.

Computer Money
3 Turn Your Clients Into Recurring Income & How To Sell Your Internet Business For A Big Pay Day – Retirement

You will get to discover the important of customers retention and how to give them what they want. Once you know the formula, you will be able to get them to buy from you again and again and again without doing anymore selling.

"Ask Questions, and Get My Personal Feedback
On The Spot..."

Imagine, grabbing me or one of our OWN team of experts -- the people who run successful internet businesses every single day -- and spending 10-15 minutes huddled in a corner, brainstorming ideas with them for YOUR personal business?

Or, showing them your website or salescopy -- and getting an "on-the-spot" critique?!

Just ONE idea from the experts would worth $10,000... $100,000... even $500,000 or more to your business THIS YEAR! I know, because they give us ideas like this all the time!

Guests of my events frequently comment that this one-on-one time with my e-Business consultants was even MORE valuable than all the information I shared on stage... Because my team will customize their answers, recommendations, and tips to your particular business or situation!

Normally, you can't book time with our team.

However, during our weekend together, you're welcome to speak with ANY of them -- at any time -- and ask as MANY questions as you wish!

This is just ONE of the "bonus" perks that you'll get with your Ticket.

"Meet People Who've ALREADY Snowballed
Their Incomes With Strategies They've Learned
From Daegan Smith..."

Feedback - Anthony Tilley

Within 2 Weeks, My Online Business Profits Went Over 300%!

Feedback - Russell Brunson

"This Is The Hotest And The Best Marketing Technique Out There In the Market
Right Now"

Feedback - Jonathan Register

"It's A Total Game Changer, It Got Rid
All The Business Difficulties And It Enables
Me To Sell Without Selling"

Put Away Your Wallet, Because
You’re In For A Big Surprise...

Tickets to an event of this caliber would cost you $2,997 elsewhere...

But your ticket is absolutely FREE -- With ONE Simple Request!"

In the past, Daegan have charged a minimum of $2,997.00 for similar events that he's held in the U.S.

... and in fact, 4 years ago, I too held a similar two day event in Asia, and I charged the same amount for it...

It didn't even include adding our TOP email marketing methods, info-product development, sales funnel and all the profit testing results that we are going to show you.

In fact, I've seen comparable events priced at $1,997... even $4,997 per seat to attend!

But right now, you're getting TWO FULL DAYS of the precise tips and strategies you NEED to start and grow your very own highly profitable Internet business...

... From one of the most recognized LEADERS in Internet marketing! And your ticket is FREE, with a very reasonable requests...

"Since I'm Spending Over $20,000 To Host This Massive Wealth-Building Seminar...

... I'll Give You FREE Tickets If You Agree To ONE Simple Condition:

You agree to pay a small seat reservation to demonstrate your commitment to attend. Since I will need to reserve a seat for EVERY person who registers, I need to make sure seats aren't being taken up by 'tire kickers' who have NO intention of coming!

I'm sure you'll agree this is both fair and reasonable...

Only people who are serious about their financial future will get a chance to attend this life changing event.

* This is a small commitment fee and it is non refundable.


Sorry But You Must Really Act RIGHT NOW

Given the amount of advance "buzz" we witnessed regarding the announcement of this FREE event, I anticipate that the tickets won't remain available for more than a couple of days.

Once they're gone, they're GONE!

And I won't be able to increase the seating in the room... and I won't be able to make more tickets available. Sorry, but there's literally be NOTHING I can do!

"Our Promise To You"

This will be a live interactive workshop where you will be pushed. You will leave knowing more about marketing, how to implement it in your business - no matter what it is, and what to do first, how to scale, and at the very least…

You will leave with all of the tools necessary for creating your very own 6 figure online business in the next 6 months or less.

You will learn THE most cutting edge marketing strategies that work in today's competitive marketing environment.

You will learn things in this live and interactive workshop environment that you won't and can't learn anywhere else.

Make no mistake that this would be the MOST life changing experience of your business life, in reality - it's the next necessary step you MUST take.

I flat out guarantee you will walk away with more in real life instantly applicable money making strategies and tools than you will at the next five $2997 workshop you attend.

Secure Your Seats Today

Reserve your seats here if you are attending in Singapore

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P.S. When word got out that Daegan's coming to KL and Singapore to give his award winning internet training for free... One customer immediately snapped up 8 seats even before we open to the public.

P.S.S. Another student just reserve 15 seats right after she attended our live webinar training few weeks ago... We currently have another 77 seats left... So click above to reserve them while it's still available.

See you at the top!

Jaz Lai











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