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The Truth About Having A Stable Income Without A Job

We Were Featured In The Newspapers…

And what it has got to do with you!

Recently, our company got featured in The Business Times.

We were awarded the ‘Business Eminence Awards’ by Dun & Bradstreet Singapore.

Dun & Bradstreet Singapore recognizes companies’ efforts and contribution…

To the changing business landscape in Singapore for the past years…

And I’m glad to have achieved this great milestone in our company.

We started our company exactly 10 years ago.

And our primary focus has always been to transform people’s lives…

To give them a second chance at life…

Equipping them with the knowledge and skill set…

To start, run and manage a profitable Internet business.

In the event if people ever lose their job…

They can still be self-reliant.

And still have a stable income without a job.

The problem with today’s society is…

Young adults are being conditioned since childhood…

To ‘buy’ an ‘expensive’ job instead of investing in themselves.

Consider this…

Why are people willing to take up student loans of up to $30,000 to pay for a university degree…

In hopes of getting just a $3000 monthly salary…

And then take years to pay off the loan and interests.

But when you ask the average Singaporean to invest $3000…

In a course that teaches them how to start an online business…

And can make them more than $10,000 a month…

Spending only 3 hours a day to manage the business…

Do you know what most people would do?

Yes, they ‘run away’.

But do you know why?

It’s because most people are just not being ‘programmed’ that way.

People can’t accept something different from what they are made to believe.

It’s like trying to run a Mac software in a Windows computer…

It will never work.

And do you know what’s the irony?

We have only one shot at life.

Every day as time passes…

We get closer and closer to death.

Yet we continue to ‘pretend’ that it’s perfectly okay…

To work hard and make someone else richer.

It’s even more outrageous…

To think that we are willing to spend lots of money to buy a certificate…

So we can earn the right to make someone else richer.

But do you know what?

The ‘Rich’ aren’t necessarily smarter.

But they are definitely more aware than the broke.

The ‘Rich’ are simply those who choose to wake up from this ‘nightmare’…

And do something for themselves for a change.

I hope this email serves as a ‘wake up’ call for you.

Because you have only one shot at life.

Make it count for you.

Do something for yourself for a change.

Don’t rely on a boss who might one day turn around…

And tell you that he can’t afford to hire you anymore.

Don’t wait until it’s too late…

When your self worth is determined by a lower paying job with longer working hours…

Or even worse…

No income at all.

My friend, if you have decided to ‘wake up’ from this nightmare…

I want to encourage you that…

Starting a side income is actually a lot easier than you think.

It’s all about taking small baby steps.

As long as you’re willing to start investing some ‘time’ in yourself…

To learn how to start a part time online business…

We can show you the right path.

Click here to start your investment in yourself!

And we’ll guide you for the rest of the journey.

Jaz Lai

3 Stages of A Successful Qoo10 E-Commerce Business

Today, I want to share with you the 3 stages of a Qoo10 business.

Once you know the stages, it will be easier for you to know which strategy to implement to reach the next level of your Qoo10 business.

And the journey it takes for you to go from ZERO to a 6-figure Qoo10 seller.

Stage #1: Building Cash-flow

This is the first stage where most new Qoo10 sellers will start.

The priority here is to protect your capital.

And test out customers’ demand for your product without spending a lot of money to buy inventory.

One of the easiest ways is to buy products from Dollar Value Store or Daiso.

And mark up the prices a little and sell them at a profit on Qoo10.

There are actually a lot of “hidden gems” in such stores.

The good thing about buying stocks at low retail price…

Is that you can buy in smaller quantities…

1 to 10 pieces to test the market first…

Even before you order bigger quantities from suppliers.

This is actually the easiest way to start a Qoo10 business without spending a lot of money.

Because you don’t have to overstock on products…

And it’s actually the best way to test the market demand with a variety of different products with very little cost.

With this strategy, you can easily make a decent 4-figure income from your Qoo10 business.

Once you have found the product that is consistently giving you sales…

You can proceed to the second stage.

Stage #2:  Buying from Wholesale Suppliers

Usually, the wholesale supplier’s price can go down to as low as 50% off the retail price.

But they have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of between 100 to 500 pieces.

Once you have found a winning product that gives you consistent sales in stage #1…

The idea here is to increase your profit margin simply by lowering your product cost.

With this strategy, you can easily double up your income from 4-figures…

Into a 5-figures per month income from Qoo10.

Stage #3: White Labeling

This next stage is where you ascend from being a newbie seller to a Qoo10 Power-Seller.

This is where you break the 5 figure mark into 100K sales a month.

At this stage, you create your own brand that people can place their trust in.

White Labeling is a service where you get to put your logo or brand on a product that is produced by someone else.

The other benefit of creating a local brand is…

Most customers tend to trust a local brand more than an unknown overseas product

So basically, this is the formula I use to grow my Qoo10 business…

From Zero to a 6 figure income business.

In my upcoming Qoo10 Freedom training…

I don’t just show you one method or one strategy….

But I literally take you on a step-by-step journey…

Of how you can grow your eCommerce business from scratch…

Into an asset that can take care of you and your family for the long term.

If you are interested, just click on the button below to register:

Andrew Tan

Do You Have A ‘Side Hustle’?


Do you have a ‘Side Hustle’?

A side hustle is something that you do after official working hours…

To make an extra income.

But the challenge for most people is…

A side hustle would mean that they also might have to sacrifice the following:

  • Time spent with loved ones…
  • Good sleep…
  • Emotional well-being…
  • Rest

All these are important to your health.

And it just doesn’t seem worthwhile to sacrifice it….

For a potential income that has yet to materialise. Right?

For many people…

It’s probably much easier to continue to suffer in silence.

Maybe grumble a little bit once in a while.

And ‘try to’ stay contented.

Trust me, I know exactly how that feels.

In fact, years ago…

I was doing pretty well as a real estate agent back then…

That I didn’t consider doing anything else…

I was living comfortably with my wife.

But then I realised…

I made just enough to cover my monthly expenses.

And I couldn’t afford not to work next month.

Just imagine…

Having to spend time with a client and talking for 2 hours…

And yet, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the deal will go through.

It’s a numbers game.

The more people I meet…

The higher the chances of me closing a deal.

It’s something that I cannot stop doing.

It’s both energy draining and very time consuming.

Sometimes I wonder…

How long can I really keep up with this?

Because I don’t want to be staying out late…

And meeting clients even when I’m in my fifties.

If I want to stay retired for the remaining 30 to 40 years of my life (I pray that I’m well-blessed)

It means…

I can’t just rely on my real estate job.

I have to find a way to make “Future money”.

Without sacrificing more time that I already don’t have.

This was the year in 2017 when I faced this huge dilemma.

Now, we are in 2019.

And I have already found the answer that I was looking for.

I quit my career in real-estate during my peak.

In fact, I won the ‘top monthly producer’ award 11 months in my real estate firm.

And I left in the 12th month.

Nowadays, I spend my time working from home.

And I ‘knock off’ from work after 2 hours.

Yet, I made more money than I ever did in my real-estate business.

My name is Benjamin Tan.

And this is my story.

Maybe you are facing the same struggles that I once had.

And you want to be FREE and get out of it.

And I really believe that you also can do it.

Because I’ve done it.

And I know how to get there.

I am even willing to point to you where the ‘door’ is.

Click this button below…

And I’ll show you where this all leads to.

Benjamin Tan

How To Keep Yourself Positive All The Time!

Staying positive is the key to achieving more.

Many people underachieved because of a negative mindset.

Today I want to share a small and practical tip that you apply immediately in your daily life to help you to maintain that positive focus to stay competitive and afloat in today’s world that is full of negativity and challenges.

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What Is The Easiest Way To Start Making Money Online?

Want to find out more details on how to build, grow and scale an e-commerce business to success at online marketplaces like Qoo10 and Lazada?

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Start An Qoo10 Business In 72 Hours

How To Pick Products To Sell Online

One of the frustrated moments in starting an e-commerce business is figuring out how to pick the right products for your business to sell.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to pick products for your new online business:

Do Your Market Research

When starting an online business, it is necessary to do market research first. Likewise, you should also check out your competitors and find out what they are selling online and how they are marketing their products.

When you do this, you know who and what you are up against in your local market.

At the same time, you can plan to see how you can do it better than your competition, whether be it that you can be offering lower prices, or better product quality or perhaps a different product bundling than your competition?

You can also research on what are the current and upcoming market trends to future-proof your new e-commerce business for higher success rate.

One good way to identify the current trends is to look at the best selling list on e-commerce marketplaces like Qoo10, Amazon and other similar businesses. You can instantly get many product ideas to explore selling them!

Connect with the Customers

As a seller, you need to connect with prospective prospects/customers to better understand what they want if you wish to increase your own profit.

You can send out online surveys to them to get their inputs, or you can check their reviews and feedback for your business so that you can improve your business. If you are doing well in a particular area or product, you should do more of it. And if you fared badly in certain aspects, you must take the required steps to improve your business.

All the successful e-commerce sellers that I know of, know their customers well!

Sometimes, it is a matter of asking your customers directly what they are looking for. If you have a good relationship with your existing customers, many of them will come to you on their own and tell you what they need. And that is why you can find the right products and sell to them!

Want to learn more about picking products to sell online?

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How To Become A Qoo10 Seller

We can’t deny the fact that e-commerce has a huge potential for growth in all parts of the world, including Singapore.

Thanks to today’s technology, setting up an online shop is very easy and it does not require you to have advance technical skills!

In fact, anyone can start and manage an online business as long as they have basic computer skills and most importantly, the ability to follow instructions closely.

There are many ways to start an e-commerce store. So you’ll have to decide which way you prefer to start with. Choosing the right way will allow you to achieve e-commerce success faster.

Choosing the right way to start your 1st e-commerce store can be confusing for some people. It can be setting up your own independent e-commerce site, or setting up an online shop on popular e-commerce platforms such as Qoo10 that already existed in the marketplace.

Obviously, the different ways of setting up an e-commerce business have their own pros and cons and that’s something everyone who is new should consider when selecting their preferred e-commerce startup.

Andrew Tan Qoo10

If you have decided that you wish to start an e-commerce shop on Qoo10, there are some important information below that will be useful to you.

Where do I sign up as a new Qoo10 seller?
If you wish to sell on Qoo10 Singapore, please go to and look for the link “Seller Register”, click on it and start to complete the Seller Registration form to sign up as a new seller.

Is it free to sell on Qoo10 or sign up as a seller?
Signing up to become a Qoo10 seller requires a $100 deposit to Qoo10. This Qoo10 deposit payment will be converted to 10,000 QCash credits. You can use Qcash to do advertisements promotions on such as setting up group buys, flash sales etc so that you can expose your products to more buyers to get more sales.

What documents or requirements do I need to provide to Qoo10 to become a seller?
You will need these items: An existing Qoo10 buyer account, your identification document such as NRIC or passport etc, and bank statement. You will also need to provide your personal information such as email, address, bank account details etc to Qoo10 as part of your new seller account sign up. If you are signing up as a seller as a business, you will need to provide information pertaining to the business, such as your business registration certificate.

Well, that’s all for now!

If you wish to learn more about how to sell successfully on Qoo10 such as :

– How to research and source for products
– How to find best selling products on Qoo10
– How to promote and advertise your products on Qoo10
– How to accept payment from buyers on Qoo10
– How to put up products to sell on Qoo10
– And a lot more..

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How E-commerce Can Help You Or Your Business Make More Profits!

Let’s admit it…

Shopping online is extremely convenient — that’s a fact we can’t deny.

But why?

With e-commerce, you don’t have to leave your house to purchase goods.

All you have to do is to visit a popular e-commerce web site such as Qoo10 or Amazon etc, either through your smartphone, tablet, or computer, pick the products you want, purchase it, make payment online and then simply wait for it to be delivered right at your doorstep. See, how convenient that is?

And here’s the reality: e-commerce has more benefits to provide to you, other than providing convenience to online shoppers like yourself. If you are curious and want to find out why and how you can also tap into this huge e-commerce opportunity as a seller to start making decent profits online, then read on. If you already owns an existing business, all the more you should start to explore e-commerce to grow your business!

Boost customer’s trust

An online e-commerce shop on marketplaces like Qoo10 and Amazon, if properly and creatively developed, will easily generate trust for your potential customers. Believe it or not, shoppers are more likely to stay and buy for products from you if you are selling on trusted e-commerce marketplaces like Qoo10 and Amazon, as compared to having your own e-commerce shop, which most probably is unknown to most people if you are just very new in the marketplace.

Available 24/7

You can take orders and earn profits from your customers while you sleep. Yes, that’s possible if you own an online store because it is like a 24/7 sales agent for you helping you to sell while you are sleeping. E-commerce websites run all the time for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So unlike traditional retail stores, virtual stores are always active.

Sell goods globally

As an e-commerce site owner, you have the power to sell goods all around the world. Take as an example, you can reach everyone globally and sell them your products without any geographical restrictions. This will enable you to drive more sales since there’s no limitation on where you can sell your goods. People all over the world go to to shop, myself included! 🙂

Tempted to start your own e-commerce stores too?

Register for any one of our free e-commerce training below and you will be learning how to start and grow your own e-commerce store, as well as to learn effective e-commerce strategies to sell more online!

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Top Mistakes Every New E-commerce Seller Should Avoid!

Starting an e-commerce business is easy. But, most of the sellers failed at running their online business successfully.

Therefore when you are starting out, it is necessary to plan it well on how you will be managing and marketing your online business.

So, before you start to launch your business, let me ask you this, do you know have any prior experience on how to run an online business successfully?

If not, fret not!

In this article below, we have outlined the common mistakes that new sellers tend to make when they want to launch their new ventures. And as a result of these mistakes, very often times, they are causing their online businesses to fail!

So these are the things or mistakes that you should avoid if you want to be a successful e-commerce seller!

1. Not Focusing on Business Development

After starting the e-commerce business, you should focus on the sales development of your business, specifically on the marketing aspects of your online shop for your products.

After most sellers put their products online to sell, they just sit back and relax, hoping and praying that customers and orders will drop magically from the sky. Unfortunately, most of the time, it does not happen that way.

As a seller, you need to have a marketing plan to increase your sales quickly. You will need some proven selling and promotional strategies before you can see sales flooding in!

For example, on the Qoo10 e-commerce marketplace, you are able to do promotional strategies to market your products such as flash sales, group buys promotions to increase sales for your shop. You will need to know how to do that if you want to start getting more sales!

2. Failing to do a Market Research

Even before you start an e-commerce business, it is necessary to do market research first before investing in any capital to buy stocks.

Many new sellers started their e-commerce business without sufficient or basic planning.

They invested the time and money to buy stocks and start to list them on their web shops, hoping that they will sell and start to make lots of money!

However, they have not done any research to find out if their products are popular or not, and whether buyers are willing to spend money to buy them or not.

So make sure that you do the market research properly if you want to really succeed in your e-commerce business.

Not sure how to do market research for your e-commerce business?

Then we will encourage you to register for one of our free Qoo10 training to learn how successful Qoo10 sellers start and run their e-commerce businesses.

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Why You Should Sell On Amazon

One of the most powerful, if not, the most powerful e-commerce site in the world today is Amazon. The US giant is currently a dominant online retailer, and it provides lots of superb opportunity for online investors or sellers.

In addition, Amazon sells almost everything – from books, appliances, to clothing. And you know what? Amazon has many benefits to offer to its sellers, and one of its remarkable benefits is to make it possible for sellers to earn an enormous amount of profits with the help of their platform.

But here’s the question: why should you sell on Amazon and be one of its 3rd party sellers on their popular platform?

Let’s talk about that below!

There are many advantages of selling on Amazon, and these include:

Amazon provides more traffic to your online store. In fact, lots of people visit Amazon first when they are looking for things to buy online. Obviously, the more traffic you have, the more potential buyers you can get, and that’s what the US giant can provide to you and other Amazon sellers.

Without a doubt, Amazon is indeed a trusted e-commerce brand. In order to drive more sales and gain profits in your e-commerce business, you’ll need people to trust your service first. Since Amazon is a reputable brand, people will get to easily trust your online shop when you operate on the platform of Amazon.

On Amazon, you do not have to worry about setting up a shopping website online. All you have to do is to find the products to sell and list them on their platform and make use of their fulfillment service called Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA for short. Once you’re all set, Amazon will do most of the logistics work and sell your products to their massive pool of customers!

Yes, Amazon has undoubtedly a huge growth potential, and it provides more benefits to its sellers. However, in order to actually make profits and attain success in your online shop business, you’ll need to have the right strategies to keep up with the competition – that’s where our training can help you!

All you have to do is to register for our free 3 hours Amazon training to find out more details and you will get to learn some of the real world e-commerce secrets to becoming an profitable and effective Amazon seller from our trainer, who is among the top 10 Amazon seller in Singapore.

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