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Clients’ Testimonials

Hi everyone, Hope all of you are working hard towards your individual targets. Just wanna share a little on my experience so far and hope it can add value in some way. I was really excited to start this journey after the workshop and I quickly did my research and decided on a product. It is definitely not the perfect product (I’m not sure if there’s one to begin with) to sell but it met most of the criteria and I decided not to waste anymore time. I followed the steps Ben shared and it took a few months before my products finally reached Amazon. The initial phase is always the toughest as you are starting from zero and your competitors have been around for some time. Ben has shared what to do for a product launch and we just need to follow the proven strategies. Don’t be afraid to invest money to bring up the ranking of your product as it will definitely reap more sales in the long run. Also, don’t be too focused on the profits in the beginning but do manage your cash flow well for future inventory. Last but not least, always stay positive. There are definitely ups and downs in sales, so do not let one day of bad sales bring you down. I wish all of you a successful journey ahead. =)

Sandia Amazon Lifestyle Academy Student