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    Do You Have A ‘Side Hustle’?


    Do you have a ‘Side Hustle’?

    A side hustle is something that you do after official working hours…

    To make an extra income.

    But the challenge for most people is…

    A side hustle would mean that they also might have to sacrifice the following:

    • Time spent with loved ones…
    • Good sleep…
    • Emotional well-being…
    • Rest

    All these are important to your health.

    And it just doesn’t seem worthwhile to sacrifice it….

    For a potential income that has yet to materialise. Right?

    For many people…

    It’s probably much easier to continue to suffer in silence.

    Maybe grumble a little bit once in a while.

    And ‘try to’ stay contented.

    Trust me, I know exactly how that feels.

    In fact, years ago…

    I was doing pretty well as a real estate agent back then…

    That I didn’t consider doing anything else…

    I was living comfortably with my wife.

    But then I realised…

    I made just enough to cover my monthly expenses.

    And I couldn’t afford not to work next month.

    Just imagine…

    Having to spend time with a client and talking for 2 hours…

    And yet, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the deal will go through.

    It’s a numbers game.

    The more people I meet…

    The higher the chances of me closing a deal.

    It’s something that I cannot stop doing.

    It’s both energy draining and very time consuming.

    Sometimes I wonder…

    How long can I really keep up with this?

    Because I don’t want to be staying out late…

    And meeting clients even when I’m in my fifties.

    If I want to stay retired for the remaining 30 to 40 years of my life (I pray that I’m well-blessed)

    It means…

    I can’t just rely on my real estate job.

    I have to find a way to make “Future money”.

    Without sacrificing more time that I already don’t have.

    This was the year in 2017 when I faced this huge dilemma.

    Now, we are in 2019.

    And I have already found the answer that I was looking for.

    I quit my career in real-estate during my peak.

    In fact, I won the ‘top monthly producer’ award 11 months in my real estate firm.

    And I left in the 12th month.

    Nowadays, I spend my time working from home.

    And I ‘knock off’ from work after 2 hours.

    Yet, I made more money than I ever did in my real-estate business.

    My name is Benjamin Tan.

    And this is my story.

    Maybe you are facing the same struggles that I once had.

    And you want to be FREE and get out of it.

    And I really believe that you also can do it.

    Because I’ve done it.

    And I know how to get there.

    I am even willing to point to you where the ‘door’ is.

    Click this button below…

    And I’ll show you where this all leads to.

    Benjamin Tan