How To Become A Qoo10 Seller

We can’t deny the fact that e-commerce has a huge potential for growth in all parts of the world, including Singapore.

Thanks to today’s technology, setting up an online shop is very easy and it does not require you to have advance technical skills!

In fact, anyone can start and manage an online business as long as they have basic computer skills and most importantly, the ability to follow instructions closely.

There are many ways to start an e-commerce store. So you’ll have to decide which way you prefer to start with. Choosing the right way will allow you to achieve e-commerce success faster.

Choosing the right way to start your 1st e-commerce store can be confusing for some people. It can be setting up your own independent e-commerce site, or setting up an online shop on popular e-commerce platforms such as Qoo10 that already existed in the marketplace.

Obviously, the different ways of setting up an e-commerce business have their own pros and cons and that’s something everyone who is new should consider when selecting their preferred e-commerce startup.

Andrew Tan Qoo10

If you have decided that you wish to start an e-commerce shop on Qoo10, there are some important information below that will be useful to you.

Where do I sign up as a new Qoo10 seller?
If you wish to sell on Qoo10 Singapore, please go to and look for the link “Seller Register”, click on it and start to complete the Seller Registration form to sign up as a new seller.

Is it free to sell on Qoo10 or sign up as a seller?
Signing up to become a Qoo10 seller requires a $100 deposit to Qoo10. This Qoo10 deposit payment will be converted to 10,000 QCash credits. You can use Qcash to do advertisements promotions on such as setting up group buys, flash sales etc so that you can expose your products to more buyers to get more sales.

What documents or requirements do I need to provide to Qoo10 to become a seller?
You will need these items: An existing Qoo10 buyer account, your identification document such as NRIC or passport etc, and bank statement. You will also need to provide your personal information such as email, address, bank account details etc to Qoo10 as part of your new seller account sign up. If you are signing up as a seller as a business, you will need to provide information pertaining to the business, such as your business registration certificate.

Well, that’s all for now!

If you wish to learn more about how to sell successfully on Qoo10 such as :

– How to research and source for products
– How to find best selling products on Qoo10
– How to promote and advertise your products on Qoo10
– How to accept payment from buyers on Qoo10
– How to put up products to sell on Qoo10
– And a lot more..

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