Our Speakers

Andrew Tan

Ecommerce Entrepreneur | Co-Founder Of Pee-Ka-Poo Diapers | Sourcing Expert

Andrew Tan is a pioneer online entrepreneur on Singapore’s most popular online shopping platform, Qoo10. He started selling on Ebay in 2007 and subsequently on Qoo10 in 2011. Andrew is recognized as one of the top Qoo10 power-sellers earning a 6-figure income every month.

Andrew is also the Co-founder of Pee-Ka-Poo, Singapore’s first ever diaper brand. Pee-Ka-Poo holds a 40% market share on the Qoo10 marketplace, in just one year from its launch. The brand also became a top diaper brand on Shopee in just 48 hours after launching on their platform.

Andrew works closely with popular online shopping platforms in Singapore like Lazada, Qoo10 and Shopee which gives him a unique perspective to help any online seller, regardless of whether they are beginners or seasoned sellers.

Andrew’s call to fame include:

– 5-Step Freedom Maker System that made 3,635 Singaporeans Super sellers on Qoo10

– How to find super profitable products without any guessing & assumptions

– How to get your products to the top of the Qoo10’s product page without spending any money on advertising

– How to calculate your profit margin so you can get maximum profit for your product (None of Andrew’s products are the cheapest, but they are all top sellers online)

– The steps to double or even triple your revenue with this simple 1ND Strategy (This strategy has helped several of Andrew’s students hit their first million in sales)

Andrew works with new aspiring online entrepreneurs to help them find their First Pot Of Online Gold, focusing on a Never Lose Money strategy that creates life-long income.

Benjamin Tan

Singapore Top 10 Amazon Seller | Amazon FBA Millionaire

Benjamin Tan started his first business with a brick & mortar business “The Escape Hunt”, which he sold it in 2016. Even though business was good, he became a slave to his physical store and business couldn’t run without him being physically there.

Thus, he decided to venture into an online business and saw his opportunity with Amazon. While many businesses believe that you need to sell many products to grow your business, Benjamin focuses on selling only products that will turn into bestsellers.

Using this formula, he grew his Amazon business from zero to a million US dollars in just 12 months and became one of the Top 10 Amazon sellers in Singapore.

– How to leverage on Amazon brand & infrastructure to sell to a massive international market with 300+ million members

– How to make your products appear on the first page of Amazon.com

– The proven PSLE formula (Pick, Source, Launch, Evaluate) to become a top Amazon seller

– 3 criteria for choosing a top-selling product to sell on Amazon

– How to leverage on Amazon fulfillment services to store your products, sell, and shop to your buyers without you touching any stocks

Lionel Tan

Digital “Bedroom” Marketer | Mass Attraction Strategist

Lionel struggled with his daily life jumping from one part-time job to another. As he did not have much academic qualification, he never made past the first job interview for any full time position.

Until he offered to work for “free” without a salary, in a digital marketing company for 2 years. Lionel eventually became one of the company’s top performing employees, and he even won the Top Online Sales award 3 times in a row.

Being equipped with the experience from his day job, Lionel used his spare time to create an online startup that he manages part-time. In 2016, he made a huge breakthrough with his part-time online startup when he generated $23,047 profit in 3 hours without selling any physical products.

Taking a different approach by focusing on growing his customer database, Lionel will show you how to create a business even if you don’t have any products to sell.

– Discover the automated 24/7 sales follow-up system that takes care of all the online selling for you even while you’re sleeping

– How to get sales even if you do not have any products to sell

– The secret to attracting customers from around the world without spending a cent on ‘paid’ online advertising

– The best type of ‘Free Gift’ to give away that motivates your customers to want to share your business with even more people (It costs less than $10 to do this. Plus, it saves you tons of hard work!)

– Little known strategy huge corporations use to get customers to buy from them, again and again