Top Mistakes Every New E-commerce Seller Should Avoid!

Starting an e-commerce business is easy. But, most of the sellers failed at running their online business successfully.

Therefore when you are starting out, it is necessary to plan it well on how you will be managing and marketing your online business.

So, before you start to launch your business, let me ask you this, do you know have any prior experience on how to run an online business successfully?

If not, fret not!

In this article below, we have outlined the common mistakes that new sellers tend to make when they want to launch their new ventures. And as a result of these mistakes, very often times, they are causing their online businesses to fail!

So these are the things or mistakes that you should avoid if you want to be a successful e-commerce seller!

1. Not Focusing on Business Development

After starting the e-commerce business, you should focus on the sales development of your business, specifically on the marketing aspects of your online shop for your products.

After most sellers put their products online to sell, they just sit back and relax, hoping and praying that customers and orders will drop magically from the sky. Unfortunately, most of the time, it does not happen that way.

As a seller, you need to have a marketing plan to increase your sales quickly. You will need some proven selling and promotional strategies before you can see sales flooding in!

For example, on the Qoo10 e-commerce marketplace, you are able to do promotional strategies to market your products such as flash sales, group buys promotions to increase sales for your shop. You will need to know how to do that if you want to start getting more sales!

2. Failing to do a Market Research

Even before you start an e-commerce business, it is necessary to do market research first before investing in any capital to buy stocks.

Many new sellers started their e-commerce business without sufficient or basic planning.

They invested the time and money to buy stocks and start to list them on their web shops, hoping that they will sell and start to make lots of money!

However, they have not done any research to find out if their products are popular or not, and whether buyers are willing to spend money to buy them or not.

So make sure that you do the market research properly if you want to really succeed in your e-commerce business.

Not sure how to do market research for your e-commerce business?

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