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What This Singaporean Learned At Alibaba Business School

I graduated from Alibaba Business School in Hangzhou, China in recent times.

And today I want to share one of the case studies which I learned during my stay there.

So, it’s Day 2 at Alibaba Business School and I went on a company visit to a Taobao agent company, together with my fellow school mates, which includes my business partner and mentor, Jaz.

We went to a company that specialises in helping merchants to do their listings on Taobao, AliExpress and other e-commerce online platforms, which means they help traditional retailers to sell their products online.

There was this company called DELSEY that sold luggage, but they could not compete with Samsonite and the other established players in the market.

They are not the cheapest or the most ‘branded’ in China.

And they are struggling to establish a foothold in China.

So, they decided to move their focus to selling online instead of opening more retail outlets.

They tried many creative ways and promotions to push their brand online, but they only reported minimal results.

The agent company took a look at their efforts and made ONE small change.

They inserted in a small line of text in the luggage company’s sales listing.

The ONE simple change skyrocketed the sales figures from almost nothing to thousands a day!!

Have a look at this listing and tell me what sentence did they add?

(If you can read Mandarin, I’m pretty sure you know the answer)

If you are an online merchant, and you are struggling to get sales, it is time for you to sit down and carefully think about what you NEED to add into your listings to double or even TRIPLE your sales online.

This is a short article for today and I really hope you can also benefit from this very simple and effective tip.

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Andrew Tan